A Poem about Holy Communion

Anima Christi by Heather Eure

Your body sanctifies
this tattered
A helpless fledgling with
useless wings.
Your blood has made me
dizzy with love.
Pouring from the cup
without waste.

The water that spilled
from Your precious side
washes me clean.
The filth drains away.
Never seen
Do You hear me, Lord?
My Tremendous

You hide me in Your wounds
where I am tucked away,
Let me always stay close,
gripping your hem.
Gripped in

When the enemy is poised
to strike,
Defend me.
The serpent twists.
Come to my rescue.

And at the end of my hours,
with sacred final breath,
Call me.
So that I may come to You.
That I may run to You.
Fly to You. That I may fall at Your feet,
and worship You