What We Like about Church of the Redeemer…

Church of the Redeemer just celebrated our 7th anniversary as a church.  We asked our congregation to answer the question, “What do I like about Redeemer?” on an index card.  The responses below are some of the answers we received.  We are not perfect, but as you can see, there is plenty to like about Church of the Redeemer…Come and see!

1.  Excellent sermons, friendliness of everyone, hours of service are convenient, opportunities to serve the Lord and positive messages.

2. Being orthodox, fellowship, friendliness, openness, transparency, quality and honesty of services, willingness of parishioners, to share their time, talents and treasure, sincerity of our clergy, and dedication of our Priest who projects and personifies all that Redeemer stands for.

3.  Solid foundation of faith with spirit led leadership

4.  The ever present feeling of the Holy Spirit whom dwells here!

5.  Father Craig

6.  Finally the feeling of peace and belonging upon entering God’s house and our church, being there when needed, and the feeling of opening the doors being my God opening His arms in welcome to enter his house

7.  The Rector, focus on scripture, openness of congregation, the service and fellowship

8.  Bible-believing, God fearing, loving church family, and a fantastic pastor, Craig

9.  Family feel, welcoming, love Craig and Jessica, two morning services to choose from, and true caring

10. All the people, everyone is accepted for who they are without judgment.

11.  I am a visitor several times a year, and I so enjoy the warmth of the people.  I always feel so welcome! Thank you!  God Bless you all.

12.  The reverence of sermons and service and the love of the People

13.  I like the people here

14. As a community of Saints, this congregation opens its doors and welcomes others to experience the love of Christ through the many loving acts of helping the poor and supporting each other

15.  The food!

16.  Being true to scripture and church family

17.   Our Church family is blessed to have a priest who loves Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures, his family and US with all his heart.  When excellent teachings, love, acceptance and forgiveness is flowing from the head of a church, you know that the Holy Spirit resides there.  Thank you, Pastor Craig, for giving your life to Christ and sharing that life with us.

18.  God is working and He is free to do His will here.

19.  The family – always willing to accept and love new members of our family

20. The Christ-like love exhibited by the church.  The love is sincere and amazing!  The adherence to Evangelicalism and at the same time faithfulness to Church tradition, and High Church Ecclesiastical ways.

21.  Hospitality, warmth, Church service

22. Social hour after church – good food

23. I like Children’s Chapel and social hour after church. I like Chapel because we can learn about Jesus.

24. Craig and the people

25.  I like being part of a church where pastor and people operate under and teach the authority of scripture.  This is reflected in the preaching, Bible studies, and commitment to prayer.

26. Nice people, great Church, and wonderful to go to

27.  Loving fellowship of great friends

28.  I feel that the congregation is my own family and I love them all.  I enjoy learning more and more about our Lord Jesus and realizing how much He loves us and in turn how much I love Him.  My thanks for Jehovah God giving us such a blessing thru Jesus!

29.  I like all of the fun events, gatherings, and dinners that everybody puts together.

30.  The people

31.  It’s always a very loving atmosphere; everyone is always  friendly and accepting of anyone new or visiting.

32.  The friendly people, the minister, Communion every Sunday

33.  We are a family.  We care about one another and our community, providing practical help and support.

34.  I like Redeemer because I have made many lasting friendships here.

35.  We are steadfast in the faith handed down to us.  We are family.

36.  I always feel peace when I come here on Sunday or anytime I come into this Church.  If we move back to Chesapeake, we will always return to Redeemer on Sunday and when we are needed here.

37.  To all the friends who helped me with groceries, gasoline, and love.  I love everyone and thank God for giving me such wonderful sisters and brothers in faith.  God bless you all, and I thank Him for such a family as RedeemerChurch.

38.  Most of all thanks for loving me and accepting me for me.

39.  I was lost and God showed me the way here.  I was ashamed and He lifted me.  I was hungry and He fed me here.  I was  sick and He heard my cry here.  And when I die, it will be here, where God sends me.

40.   Everything

41.    I like that we are doing serious Bible study. I like the warmth and camaraderie of our members–we are a family of sorts. I like our time for healing prayer. I like that we are small so we are needed to contribute our efforts and service. I like that we are warm and friendly to newcomers. I like that we embrace Jessica, Evan, Bishop Bane, The Reverend Jim Glover and the Reverend Myron Simmons and our Deacons Fred and Susan.

42.    The warmth and love of the congregation; the Scripture is emphasized; prayer and healing services; Craig as our pastor.

43.    Warm, friendly, Bible-based; no politics from the pulpit.

44.    We are a family of faith that looks that reaches up to God and out to one another and the community.

45.    We invite the Holy Spirit to work among us as He wills and not as we will.

Did somebody say food?

Redeemer Fellowship