A Prayer Before the Cross

We adore you O Christ, and we bless you, because by your Holy Cross, you have redeemed the world.   Look down upon me, good and gentle Jesus, while before Your face I humbly pray, and with burning soul ask You to fix deep in my heart lively sentiments of faith, hope and love, true contrition for my sins and a firm purpose of renewal; With great sorrow and tender pity, I contemplate your five wounds and call to mind the words of David, the prophet: “They have pierced my hands and my feet; I can count all my bones”   Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.


A Prayer to the Holy Spirit

O Come, O Holy Spirit, come!
Come as holy fire and burn in us,
Come as holy wind and cleanse us,
Come as holy light and lead us,
Come as holy truth and teach us,
Come as holy forgiveness and free us,
Come as holy love and enfold us,
Come as holy power and enable us,
Come as holy life and dwell in us.
Come, Holy Spirit, and increase in us your gifts of grace
Convict us, convert us,
Consecrate us, until we are wholly yours
And Transform us into the image of Christ. Amen

Prayer for Church of the Redeemer

Almighty and everlasting God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for Church of the Redeemer.   Send down upon us thy Holy Spirit and gracious blessing.   Equip us for thy service, that we may truly and devoutly serve you.  Fill us with all truth and peace.  Where we are corrupt, purify us; where we are in error, direct us; where in anything we are amiss, reform us.  Where we are right, strengthen us; where we are in want, provide for us; where we are divided, unite us.  Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, restore the penitent and heal the sick.  Send laborers among us and add to our number those being saved and finding a church home.  Bring us to be of one heart and mind as your holy family through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   Amen .