Our Worship Services

The Goal of our Life Together as God’s People is to Live into the Resurrection Life of God’s Kingdom. 

Elizabeth City, NC refers to itself as the Harbor of Hospitality. Church of the Redeemer serves as a Spiritual Harbor of Hospitality for all who come through its doors. We hope that the same hospitality God shows to us in Jesus Christ overflows to all who visit the church and to the wider community. In our life together, we emphasize the authority of Scripture, the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the family of faith. Jesus’ invitation urging people to “Come” echoes in all of the services and ministries at Church of the Redeemer. Jesus explained to his followers that whatever we do to even the least of our brothers and sisters we do unto him. By serving each other, other Christians and those in the world that God is calling, we believe we are feeding Jesus, clothing Jesus, healing Jesus, visiting Jesus and blessing Jesus everyday. We believe the greatest hospitality we can show to people is to lift Jesus up that He might draw all to Himself through the preaching of the gospel and faithful administration of the sacraments. We rely on the empowering of the Holy Spirit and the gracious gifts for ministry he distributes to all who are saved through Jesus. You are invited, welcomed and encouraged to come and experience Jesus’ love in our spiritual home.

At our of our worship services, we pray that all who come will experience God’s peace and hospitality, hear his loving voice speak to them and feel his transforming touch of saving grace.  We emphasize the presence of the Holy Spirit with us, the authority of Scripture, the power of the gospel for salvation, the gifts of grace among the people of God and God’s expression of grace in the sacraments.  We seek to worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth.

  • Sunday Services of Holy Communion 8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

church at christmas

We worship together and share Holy Communion every Sunday at 8:00 a.m & 10:30 a.m with Sunday School at 9:15-10:15 for adults. Our 8 a.m. service is a quiet service that means we do not have music or singing.  Our 10:30 a.m. service includes music and singing with a choir.  Children are welcome at all of our services.  Children’s Chapel and Nursery are currently suspended.

childrens chapel

Following our services we often have drinks and snacks while we fellowship.

We believe God heals by answering our prayers and by giving us gifts for healing. We also visit the sick at home and in the hospital for healing prayers. If you would like prayers for healing for you or a loved one, call the church office 252-337-7177.

We occasionally have “special” services to celebrate important dates and events in the church calendar as well as with special purposes like healing, devotion, worship, focused prayers and ministry.  Our Sunday services, follow the church calendar and Lectionary Scripture readings.

Throughout the week we have Bible Studies, Home Groups, Prayer Groups and fellowship opportunities for the church and community.  To learn more about these contact the church at 252-337-7177 or email at redeemer@mediacombb.net.


Essentials of Anglican Worship

The attached article describes the traditionally Anglican form of worship.  What we strive to facilitate at Church of the Redeemer is lively liturgy, Scriptural sermons, and Holy Spirit led & empowered worship and ministry. We hope that everyone present during our services truly experiences Jesus Christ’s presence through the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, the Body of Christ (the people) and the Lord’s Supper.  We also invite the ministry of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they are distributed among his people and as He leads.

A Word about Liturgical Worship

The Church’s liturgy, whether high of low, formal or informal, must provide the space for the needed steps and opportunities of praise, worship, and thanksgiving, for repentance, for teaching of the Word, experience of the Word in the Eucharist, and last but not least, in the invocation of the Presence of Christ in such a way that the healing gifts are part of our worship.

We all have a liturgy, and it is good or bad, rich or barren, not only in relation to its theological completeness and balance, but in its capacity to lead us into true worship and thereby mediate to us the Real Presence.  No matter how “correct” it is, it is unsuccessful when there is unbelief and a failure to unite with God through it.  We are the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and we corporately become brimming-over vessels for the Presence in successful worship.  LeAnne Payne The Healing Presence