The Mary Armstrong Center for Healing



Monthly Service of Holy Communion for Healing

The Mary Armstrong Center for Healing (MACH) at Church of the Redeemer

The MACH exists to facilitate the expression of God’s healing power to people. As Jesus preached the good news of his kingdom, healed the sick, delivered the oppressed and brought salvation to all people, The MACH serves as a conduit for his continuing ministry among our communities.

Church of the Redeemer believes the ministry of healing and deliverance is vital to the world today as a demonstration of God’s love, power and victory through Jesus. The MACH represents Redeemer’s commitment to developing this ministry, supporting it and promoting it among the body of Christ and world.

The MACH performs the ministry of healing and deliverance in the context of preaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ in light of the high authority of Scripture, the sacramental worship of the communion of believers and the accountability to church leadership. We express our ministry through myriad means of interaction with people including conferences, training workshops, times of healing prayer, extended private prayer sessions and spontaneous healing prayers in the church and community.

Mary Carol Armstrong December 20, 1930—March 15, 2014

Mary lived as a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. As a lover and worshipper of Jesus, Mary was committed to his church. Throughout her life, Mary demonstrated her love for Jesus by praying continually for his people and those who needed to receive his salvation. Mary’s prayers always included praying for the sick. The beneficiaries of Mary’s prayers may have been family members, friends, members of the church, those she met here and there, or people she only knew second-hand as needing healing. All who knew Mary well knew that she prayed often and that her prayers for healing were often answered in apparent, timely fashion. Whenever Church of the Redeemer offered a time for healing prayers during Sunday services, Mary always came forward to pray for others in need. God inspired Redeemer to emphasize the healing ministry within the life of the local church in honor of Mary and her commitment to prayers for healing as an integral element of the devotional lives of Christians.

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